Gamestop, almost everyone’s favorite place to drop, game, and shop isn\’t too pleased with the Wii U’s drop in sales.  According to CVG, during an earnings call Gamestop head honchos noted that Wii U’s sales were \”disappointing\” even after the total amount of sales in November 2012, when it launched, surprised them.  The two reasons they see for creating the disappointment are a game drought and poor marketing

Gamestop says consumers still haven\’t been educated correctly about the GamePad and its features and how exactly its supposed to make the gameplay experience in itself–memorable.  In regard to marketing the Wii U as a whole Gamestop said,

\”It has not broken through the way that it needs to.  We still have an education process we need to go through.\”

A severe lack of blockbuster first party or even third party titles is yet another reason the system is losing momentum they said.  Gamestop noted that since New Super Mario U dropped nothing else has really tickled anyone’s fancy.  They said that once really good tantalizing titles arrive then sales should take off again but until then sales will be lackluster at best.

CVG even pointed out that the grandfather of gaming, Shigeru Miyamoto, wasn\’t too impressed with Nintendo’s Wii U launch line up.  However, Mario’s pappy did say that Nintendo is \”investing\” in game development big time.

With the highly anticipated Pikmin 3, a new Mario Kart for Wii U to reveal at E3, 3D Mario action game, and possibly Yoshi’s yarn things could very well pick up.  HMV in the UK has already slashed the price on the Wii U Premium Wii U console, which includes Nintendo Land and 32GB of Flash storage, plus ZombiU for just £199.99 which for many is a great deal.  Perhaps Gamestop will follow suit and shave a little off the price in the U.S.?

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Source: [CVG]



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