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One of my primary uses for Twitter is to attempt to locate all of the coolest indie games in development, especially if there’s a good chance they’ll come to Nintendo Switch. One creator I’ve had my eye on for a while is Hugo Guerrini of Sylph Arcade, based in France. The man works fast and hard, because the title of his that first got my attention was actually put on pause so he could create a different awesome title — Garlic, now on Kickstarter. At present, the game is targeting Steam, but Nintendo Switch will be offered as a stretch goal. The project is only seeking $5,645 for base funding, but it’ll need your support to get there.

Garlic from Sylph heads to Kickstarter

Garlic is an action platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy and Celeste, and one hit can kill. Fortunately, you have high agility with a dash attack and wall jump, and if you die anyway, “you’ll respawn swiftly!” To spice things up, some obstacles don’t kill but instead change how your character behaves. (Check out 1:04 and 1:25 in the trailer below to see what I mean.) The game plans to have around 12 themed zones of 10-15 levels each, with some auto-scrollers tossed in here and there.

In my opinion, the intense gameplay practically sells itself, but the expressive, manga-esque animations (Guerrini describes Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama as his “hero.”) add a whole extra level of excitement. Garlic feels like you’ve stepped into a very quirky anime adaptation, and the game’s story only enhances that sensation: Our hero wants to climb the Sacred Tower so that the Goddess will grant his wish, but along the way he unexpectedly catches sight of the Goddess and falls in love with her. Winning the Goddess’s affection is his goal now.

The goofiness in Garlic only escalates from there (language warning):

As you climb the tower, there will be quicktime events which will allow you to seduce her, depending on how skillfully you completed the random task. These tasks range from cleaning a room (telepathically or not), to walking like a badass warrior(while avoiding stepping on shit). Don’t forget to collect the crystals along the way, as you may need them for later! Much like the putrid smell of garlic, the game’s risque humor may make you turn your nose!

What do you think of this (figuratively) colorful platformer from Hugo Guerrini / Sylph Arcade? Check out the Kickstarter page for more information.


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