GBA Consolizer plays your Game Boy games in 720p on TV

Game Boy Advance was a thing, guys. In addition to providing portable versions of a lot of Super Nintendo mega classics, the GBA brought an avalanche of spectacular original titles as well. From Advance Wars to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the portable console’s library ranks maybe even among the best in all of gaming. Now, you can play your Game Boy Advance games (and earlier Game Boy console titles) in high-definition 720p on the new GBA Consolizer.

GBA Consolizer comes from developer Woozle and It upscales the default images of Game Boy games four times over to display 720p via HDMI connector, and there is reportedly no lag. GBA Consolizer is compatible with Game Link Cables and headphones, and games are played by plugging in a Super Nintendo (or a third-party) controller.

Features include an ability to “smooth out” pixel graphics if you so desire. There is also screen zoom, and there are shaders that emulate the look of various portable systems.

Embedded below is a helpful review of the tech by YouTuber MetalJesusRocks. At 2:59, you can see some extraordinary comparisons between the output quality of GBA Consolizer and Game Boy Player. (Game Boy Player was of course an add-on for GameCube that let you play Game Boy games on a TV.) He also demonstrates how GBA Consolizer provides a smoother emulation experience than RetroN5.

One downside described by the video is that, due to the GBA architecture, it can be a challenge to get the audio to output properly on some TVs. So you may want to take advantage of that headphones feature. The other downside is that GBA Consolizer is a kit, meaning assembly is required. It also seems to cost (if I’m reading this messy product page the right way) $170.

Those will be deal-breakers for a casual audience, but for hardcore GBA and emulation fans, GBA Consolizer sounds like a real contender. Let us know if you’re considering picking one up. If not, that Nintendo 64 480p adapter is slightly more affordable.


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