Gensou Shoujo Wars, Touhou Strategy RPG, heads to Switch in 2022

Phoenixx has announced that the 2010 Touhou Project strategy RPG fan game, Gensou Shoujo Wars, will release for Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2022.

Gensou Shoujo Wars, titled Gensou Shoujo Taisen in Japanese, was originally developed by Sanbondo and released in Japan on PC in August 2010. Touhou Project “fan games” tend to be heavily inspired by popular games of various genres, and everything about Gensou Shoujo Wars screams Super Robot Wars. Just replace mecha units and characters from prominent mecha series with a bunch of Touhou Project characters. The concept comes from combining bullet hell action with a strategy RPG.

Gensou Shoujo Wars, Touhou Strategy RPG, heads to Switch in 2022

The gameplay is also a lot like the Super Robot Wars games too, with grid-based fields for battle. The battles feature flashy animations for attacks but with spells instead of beam rifle specials. The game offers over 70 characters to choose from, so there are plenty of special animations and BGM tracks. It also features original stories starring the Touhou Project characters.

You can watch the Gensou Shoujo Wars Nintendo Switch version announcement trailer below:

Gensou Shoujo Wars will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2022. The game hasn’t been announced for the West so far, but it will likely happen given the recent track record.


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