geoff keighley not attending e3 25 years

Geoff Keighley has been involved in the video game industry for decades. He’s been a media creator, event producer, and all-around cool guy. In fact, he’s attended and/or been involved with E3 for 25 years. However, this year he’ll be skipping the Electronics Entertainment Expo and will not be producing his E3 Coliseum show.

This is a serious blow to E3, as Geoff Keighley isn’t the only big name bowing out in 2020. One of the top video game makers in the world, Sony, will also be absent again this year. (Nintendo will apparently not be skipping E3 this year but will presumably do its announcements in a Nintendo Direct, as has been the case since 2013.)

Geoff Keighley isn’t forthcoming on the details behind this decision at this time. When asked in the Twitter thread what fueled his decision to not participate, he responded with, “A ton of factors, I just don’t really feel comfortable participating given what I know about the show as of today.

Still, we can surmise what the possible culprits could be. The Entertainment Software Association came under fire when a list of the 2019 show’s attendees was leaked onto the internet through the ESA’s own apparently unencrypted site. This included names, addresses, and more, making anyone who’s ever attended the show in the past understandably nervous. It could also be due to a push by the ESA to include more social media influencers and YouTube personalities, changing the whole purpose of the show as an industry convention.

Keighley has additionally expressed a desire for E3 to become more digital.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s a shame to see someone as deeply entrenched in the field as Geoff Keighley abandon America’s most important video game trade show. It’s clear that he has a genuine love for the industry, and I hope that the people behind E3 take this sort of thing to heart to improve everyone’s experience in the future.


Dominick Ashtear


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