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Get a first look at the upcoming Majora’s Mask statue from First 4 Figures

first 4 figures majoras-mask-statue-nintendo-switch

First 4 Figures has provided a first look at its upcoming release, a Majora’s Mask statue inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It really is quite something to behold, and it will surely become an essential purchase for any Zelda collectors out there. Some have, no doubt, already begun clearing space on their shelves.

This project isn’t actually the first time that First 4 Figures has created a Majora’s Mask statue. In 2017, the company released a resin collectible that proved incredibly popular. That’s almost certainly why it has gone on to create this second product along a similar theme.

The video shows a quick glimpse at a physical prototype. You can expect that this is how the finished product will look. In addition to appearing gorgeous, the collectible will also have some other features. First 4 Figures will reveal these features as we draw closer to the release, no doubt to help boost preorders.

Items like this are usually limited in number, so you should keep a close eye on any news from First 4 Figures. Once the preorders sell out, they’re unlikely to see a restock. While this is crushingly disappointing for some, it’s part of what makes these products so collectible. Limited numbers make the statues more valuable, so grabbing one second-hand will almost certainly cost more than the initial price from the manufacturer.


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