Gigantosaurus the Game review for Nintendo Switch

There’s a general consensus that licensed games are rubbish. Most gamers have been burned by a licensed game at some point in their gaming career. There may not have been as many during this generation of consoles, but they are still out there. However, there are times when a licensed game turns out really well. I know it’s a PlayStation 4 game, but Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac Games is a great example. The latest licensed title to come to Switch is Gigantosaurus the Game, and in truth it’s another one that isn’t anything special — though it may satisfy fans of the show anyway.

What is Gigantosaurus

For those that don’t know, Gigantosaurus is a massively successful kids TV show. It follows a group of four friends as they learn valuable life lessons. These friends often work to help Giganto (a Giganotosaurus), and on other occasions, he unwittingly helps them. It’s a show aimed at very young children, primarily 4-6-year-olds. The video game does a pretty good job of aping the TV show. The character models all look great. Unfortunately, none of the four main characters speak in the game. They make some grunts and other random noises that appear to have been taken from the show. However, the only speaking voice you hear is a random narrator who isn’t in the show. This is a minor niggle, though.

Gigantosaurus the Game plays like a basic platformer. In the first five levels, you are tasked with returning at least four (out of 10) eggs back to their nest in order to continue. These eggs are normally placed up high with you having to find your way and solve puzzles to reach them. Each character has certain things that only they can do. For instance, Mazu can operate switches and Tiny can knock down tree trunks to create a bridge. You’ll find some items to help you along the way. There’s an item that allows you to do super jumps, some springs that allow you to bounce up high, and a flower that allows you to float gently down and cover greater distances. All of these are carefully placed to allow you to obtain the eggs and an array of other collectables.

Gigantosaurus the Game review for Nintendo Switch

Platforming and performance

A racing section occurs between each level. It doesn’t matter where you come in the race as you’re only racing with your friends. The controls are pretty basic and there are some more collectables to find along the way. The final level then tasks you with pulling four switches to free Giganto from a sticky situation. This level makes you follow a more complex path to find these switches but doesn’t really do anything more. Super Mario Odyssey this is not, but it is aimed at a much younger audience. There is also a multiplayer option and while it does technically work, I found it almost impossible to use as the camera makes platforming extremely challenging.

Like the platforming, the performance is solid but not spectacular. There were a couple of frame rate dips and it crashed on me a few times. However, the visuals and style are very fitting with the TV show. There are no fancy lighting or particle effects, but the water looks quite stylistic in a cel-shaded kind of way. Nothing really leaps off the screen, but nothing makes you cringe either. The same can be said of the music. Although you never get the full version of the show’s theme, you do get an instrumental version as well as other music from the show.

Gigantosaurus the Game review for Nintendo Switch


Let’s be clear — if your age is in double digits and you’re not a fan of the show, you probably won’t enjoy Gigantosaurus the Game. That said, it’s not really aimed at you. I have young children who are fans of the show, and they enjoyed this game. It offers a good starting point for young gamers to try out a platformer. This is not a licensed game that has been rushed out by people with no understanding of the source material. That said, it’s not that great a game either. If you have children who like the show, then this may be worth a purchase. It will easily distract them for at least 6 hours and could be 40 hours or more if they want to gain every collectable. However, if you saw the title of this game and thought Giganto-what, I would suggest you move on and give this a wide berth.

Release Date: March 27, 2020
No. of Players: 1-4 players
Category: Adventure, Racing
Publisher: Outright Games
Developer: Wildsphere

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Gigantosaurus the Game


  • Looks like the show
  • A good starting point for young gamers
  • Not much here for non-fans of the show
  • Very basic gameplay
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