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The holiday season is a magical time where friends and family gather to reflect, enjoy each other’s company, decorate the hearth, and gorge on food. Except it’s 2020, so — nah. But whether you celebrate a merry Christmas or a kwazy Kwanzaa, there are still ways to try to capture that holiday magic. Twitter user Jackary Art has achieved this in a way that just might leave you in tears at its majesty, at its flawless construction, at its unbridle holiday whimsy. Jackary Art has unleashed the gingerbread GameCube upon the world, complete with Super Smash Bros. Melee pic for good measure.

Yep, the gingerbread GameCube even has controllers with licorice cords played by marshmallow people, and there are buttons you will want to press on the console, even though it’s candy and not buttons and will achieve nothing. Has the gingerbread house achieved its final form?

Although, if you prefer your GameCube to be less made of gingerbread and more actually functional, you can check out this awesome “invisible” GameCube we covered back in April. Or if Nintendo 64 is more your thing, check out the metal Nintendo 64 that shoots fire for some godless reason.

How hungry are you to play Super Smash Bros. Melee in your imagination on this gingerbread GameCube?


John Friscia
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