God of War art director draws a malicious M. Bison from Street Fighter

By 1 year ago

Raf Grassetti, God of War art director at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, has become a favorite artist of gamers in general with all of his lovingly rendered fan art. He’s best known in these parts for his “Super Smash Bros. Remastered” series that reimagines the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with realistic interpretations, but he’s since branched out to reimagine Team Star Fox and Star Wolf, Cuphead villains, and plenty more. Next up, Grassetti has decided to produce some Street Fighter fan art, beginning with Shadaloo’s evil head, M. Bison.

We can’t even see M. Bison’s eyes, but that jerk grin of his is enough to feel the malevolence. Also, check out that massive upper body, really emphasizing how formidable he is. Indeed, M. Bison could be a really freakin’ cheap Street Fighter II boss back in the day, even among players who actually had talent (that is to say — people who are not me).

With M. Bison finished, Raf Grassetti says that Sagat and Blanka are in the works next and that this project is something he’s wanted to do “for a long time.” We’re looking forward to seeing it!

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