Raf Grassetti Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team shot Remastered art God of War director

God of War‘s art director Raf Grassetti has been drawing a bunch of realistic versions of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cast since early this year. Grassetti often shares his realistic takes on various properties. He even posts official work from God of War.

Grassetti started off simple. He started out drawing individual characters like Samus and Link. As he drew more, he started to put all of the cast together in one image, much like the cover art of a Super Smash Bros. game. Check out some of the progress since we last looked at this.

In his most recent work, Grassetti has featured 23 characters. He added that he still has “a lot to do.” Based on this, I think he might genuinely try to draw every single one. In any case, he has plenty of other art pieces for you to enjoy on his Instagram.

With all the talk of a theoretical Super Smash Bros. film, Grassetti might be the perfect fit for a gritty art director. I think his style would work quite well, just as such work did in Detective Pikachu.

What do you guys think of this artwork? Which Smash Bros. character are you looking forward to seeing most? Let us know in the comments below!


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