Golden Force release date Nintendo Switch January 28 Storybird Studio No Gravity Games

Developer Storybird Studio and publisher No Gravity Games are bringing retro action platformer Golden Force to Nintendo Switch on Jan. 28, and it’s 20% off if you preorder it on the Switch eShop (40% off if you own other No Gravity Games titles). The game offers four distinct characters to select from, plus two-player co-op, to battle the Demon King, his five generals, and an army of monsters. (Incidentally, one of the enemies in the trailer looks a lot like Astaroth from Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Everybody play it cool and don’t tell Capcom.)

Storybird Studio says you can expect to perform “complex combos, slides, and dash attacks. Avoid spiky obstacles, swim, and attack underwater,” and there are 22 stages in total across the four islands of Muscle Archipelago. So basically, from the gameplay to the vibrant and enticing pixel art, Golden Force is everything you want in a retro action platformer. It’s hard to imagine people who like this genre will be dramatically disappointed, especially with the option for local co-op.

Just last month, Nintendo Switch received another retro platformer with great, eye-popping pixel art, Tanuki Justice. Golden Force will be in good company when it joins it on the eShop next week.

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