goldeneye 007 Switch online

It’s time to rampantly speculate over the odds of Goldeneye 007 making it onto Nintendo Switch Online in the near future. That’s because the game was just recently removed from the German BPjM list of “Media Harmful to Young Persons” following a review request from Nintendo. The game’s presence on the list had originally heavily restricted its sales and availability in Germany.

Normally, media on the BPjM list is automatically reviewed every twenty-five years, but in this situation, Nintendo (or, to be more clear, their European partner Stadbauer Marketing Vertriebs GmbH) took advantage of a policy that allows one to pay to have their media’s spot on the list reviewed ahead of time. The obvious speculation that follows from that is that Nintendo is planning to use Goldeneye 007 at some point in the near future, perhaps on their Nintendo Switch Online service that recently expanded to include Nintendo 64 games.

Do you think that Nintendo is planning on doing anything with Goldeneye 007 now that it is authorized in Germany? Do you think that this means that we will see Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo Switch Online quite soon? Would you be interested in revisiting the game on the platform? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section below.


Andrew Rockett
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