Nintendo Good Job! announced published Nintendo Switch eShop

The Nintendo Direct Mini was a big surprise this morning. Good Job! is a big surprise within a big surprise, being a new game announced and published by Nintendo, and it’s available now on Nintendo Switch. It’s an action puzzle game with optional two-player play that has you going nuts in an office building trying to accomplish all your tasks.

If something breaks (or explodes), you fix it. If you need to deliver something important, maybe you’ll catapult it through a wall to save time. Perfectly reasonable solutions! You might also need to fix someone’s internet connection or clean up a giant pile of “experimental goo,” which again is very normal. And your performance afterward is evaluated, so there should be replay value from trying to earn high marks.

Have a look at the funny and charming Good Job! announcement trailer.

Good Job! offers over 100 hidden outfits to find and enjoy, so you can customize an avatar and express a bit of silly individuality. All in all, the game just looks like great, simple fun and a pleasant surprise from Nintendo. If you have a friend or family to play with, I could see this making for an entertaining evening. It is on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99.


John Friscia
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