One of the best additions to Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the giant booger, Gooigi. The even greener version of Luigi is quite the helper: he can travel through spikes and bars due to his lack of bone structure, although water is way too much for him to handle. Those of us that have fallen in love with the goop obviously have some questions regarding his origins and future. Fortunately, Luigi’s Mansion 3 producer Kensuke Tanabe recently provided answers to these burning questions.

Give us those Gooigi details!

Speaking with the news network The Verge, Tanabe gave some background information on Gooigi. For starters, he gained sentience after Professor E. Gadd spilled coffee on extracted ghost force. Therefore, he is certainly edible and “might taste like coffee.” That’s alright, Tanabe, I’ll take your word for it instead of biting into the Nintendo version of Flubber.

Gamers who have seen gameplay of Gooigi in action or played the E3 demo may have noticed that Luigi goes into a stupor once his doppelganger is summoned. According to Tanabe, he believes Luigi passes out when this happens. However, producer Yoshihito Ikebata thinks “the essence of Luigi is sending Gooigi directions.” I took it as Gooigi gaining consciousness and trying to escape his tethered relationship but we all have our own unique interpretations.

Lastly, the question on all of our minds: will Gooigi receive a spin-off game? As Tanabe opines:

There might be a Gooigi-only spinoff perhaps, with all different colors. Gooigi Power Rangers.

I’m taking that as official confirmation and not as a funny quip.

I cannot wait for this title

I am eagerly anticipating Luigi’s Mansion 3, especially after I played the demo at E3 2019. It has a great mix of action and puzzle-solving, and smashing ghosts into each other with the vacuum is immensely satisfying. Utilizing Gooigi effectively is also a thrill to figure out. The ghost-busting adventure is due sometime this year. Hopefully, we all get our hands on it sooner than later.

Enthusiasts of the Nintendo variety, do you think Gooigi is the next best IP for the company? Are you picking up Luigi’s Mansion 3? Let us know in the comment field below!

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