So, you\’ve signed in and you want to know what that new point system is doing on the sidebar, right? Well, we\’ve gone ahead and turned the site into a bit of a game, a competition of sorts. There are 14 different ranks you can achieve and you gain rank by earning points. So how do you earn points? Simple. All you have to do is visit the site frequently and comment on the articles. If you frequent the site and check for updates pretty regularly you\’ll earn yourself 5 points for each visit. Of course, you\’ll have to wait at least 2 hours for it to be considered a new visit. Another way of earning points is through commenting on the posts. Each comment is also worth 5 points, so making yourself heard is worth it.

So, what are the ranks? I\’ll start you off:

Level 1 – Deku Scrub [0-20 Points]

Level 2 – Kokiri [20-40 Points]

Level 3 – Subrosian [40-60 Points]

Level 4 – Hylian [60-80 Points]

What comes after that? The ranks go all the way up to Level 14 at the top. But, you\’ll have to climb the ranks to find out what they\’re called. After enough users have gained points, we\’ll post a leaderboard showing which users have the most points and have achieved the highest rank.

There’s a separate ranking system for the forums and it’s more simplified. There are only 4 ranks but they are harder to achieve. The first one is Kokiri. The rest is up to you to find out on your own. No walkthrough included.

*Please don\’t spam in order to gain rank. That will only result in a ban. Points must be earned fair and square.


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