We had the opportunity to have an amazing interview with Lightning Rod Games, the talented team behind the puzzle game A Fold Apart at EGLX 2019. Even though the art style has a paper-craft and vibrant tone, the overall themes of the title are much deeper. A Fold Apart draws the picture of long-distance relationships in a world of folding paper. The game is not meant to be a tear-jerker, but the team had to keep tissues at their booth. Which speaks volumes about the challenges that come tied with love from afar. Profound subjects such as communication and all the hardships of maintaining a long-distance relationship are all here. Of course, these topics might resonate with many of us, leading to a much more personal gaming experience.

Gameplaywise, A Fold Apart allows players to manipulate the different sides of the screen to create a pathway for the characters. So, at its core, it is a puzzle game. It sounds simple, but Lightning Rod Game stated that the complexity of this mechanic will increase as the game moves forward. There’s inspiration drawn from Media Molecule titles like LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway here. Furthermore, A Fold Apart is the love project of a small team of around 5 people. It is also worth mentioning that the soundtrack of the game was created by the same team that worked on Celeste’s soundtrack.

Certainly there’s a lot of love poured into A Fold Apart! We are excited to see where Lightning Rod Games takes the concept once the game is finished. A Fold Apart is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

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