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The Grammys is a time to celebrate music. Usually, video games do not enter the mix unless they are nominated for a score. However, during the 62nd event, a Switch appeared onstage in the hands of one Jasper Dolphin, friend and collaborator of Tyler the Creator. Jasper brought the console up with him during Tyler the Creator’s acceptance speech.

It was exciting to see Nintendo represented during the Grammys

As it happened, Tyler the Creator won the Best Rap Album category for his record, Igor. Being a chill dude, Tyler brought his mom and friend Jasper to the stage for his address. Jasper was seen holding a Switch the entire time he was up there. Why? As he said on Twitter:

I feel you, Jasper. Award shows like the Grammys can be tremendously boring and quite long. It’s hard to find time to level up your team, so why not do so while supporting your buddy’s musical endeavors? One question remains: which Pokémon was Jasper playing? Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! or Pokémon Sword and Shield? Hopefully, he tweets out the answer soon because I am unbelievably curious about which version of each he thinks is the best.

Check out the Grammys victory below:

Enthusiasts, would you bring your Switch to the Grammys? Have you ever snuck in some game time during an important public event? Let us know below.


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