Grand Theft Auto III

Way back when in the early 2000s, Grand Theft Auto III catapulted the series into the third dimension behind droves of critical and commercial adoration. Since then, the game has been surpassed by its sequels in quality and scope time and time again, but it is still the adventure that started Grand Theft Auto as we know it. Already no stranger to ports, it seems the game may land on a new round of systems soon, if this new rating from the Australian Classification Board is anything to go by. While no systems are indicated by the rating itself, a Switch release would make a ton of sense and hopefully pave the way for more classic GTA games on the system.

I really, really want GTA on Switch. Saints Row: The Third already scratched my handheld crime-sim itch, but the fantastic single-player campaigns that the series is known for are very, very welcome. Grand Theft Auto III is towards the bottom of the list of GTA games I care about owning yet another version of, but it is still a highly-acclaimed title that is bound to make tons of fans happy if it does indeed land on Switch. Plus, just as it did nearly two decades ago, Grand Theft Auto III could impress and lead to Vice City, San Andreas, Chinatown Wars, and possibly even more.


Andrew Rockett
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