Grand Theft Auto V

There are plenty of awesome third-party games on Switch, a surprisingly powerful system that can pull off a few games that nobody ever thought would be possible, like The Witcher 3. However, even the little handheld that could can’t handle a few more taxing games, and that trend is going to continue as more and more games tap into impressive PS5 and Xbox Series X hardware. Cloud gaming seems like it might be a solid way to alleviate some of this (see Hitman 3), but full ports are always a bit more exciting, if you ask me, since you can then take full advantage of the Switch’s portability. A Switch Pro, heavily rumored to come out this year, can close a bit of the recently-widened gap between the Switch and the competition. If a mid-cycle upgrade for the Switch does come to fruition, what previously impossible third-party port would you like to see on Switch?

I really want Grand Theft Auto V. I don’t even care about the online mode – I just want its sprawling, electric world available for me to explore at my leisure on Switch. The game ran well enough on PS3 and Xbox 360, so if the Switch Pro did a little something to address the current model’s memory issues, this one might be more likely than you’d think. If the Switch Pro rumors are true, of course. If I cannot have Grand Theft Auto V, I’d love for ports of a few of the earlier classics like Vice City and San Andreas. No excuses for keeping those ones off of the Switch.

What third-party game would you like to see land on an all-powerful Switch Pro? Why? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett
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