Grandia HD Collection Grandia & Grandia II HD Remaster

After missing its initial Winter 2018 release window, the Grandia HD Collection is finally here. In celebration of the long-awaited release, GameXplain uploaded a video yesterday with the first fifteen minutes of both Grandia and Grandia 2.  If you are still unsure over buying the collection, you can check it all out below to get a very quick look at the premise and feel of each game. If you already bought the game and are just counting the minutes until the download finishes, then you can watch it just to keep feeding your hype levels.

The underlying graphics in each game have not aged well, but the HD tune-up definitely does a few favors. A full remake obviously would have been better, but Grandia HD Collection should work just fine for fans of the series and those who really need a JRPG fix in one form or another.

What did you think of the video? Has it pushed you in either direction on the games? Will you be picking up Grandia HD Collection? If you are still on the fence over whether or not you should pick the HD collection or not, keep an eye on Nintendo Enthusiast over the next few days as our own John Friscia prepares his review for the site.


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