Grandia HD Collection coming soon to Nintendo Switch, via GungHo

Wonderfully precise PR solicitations have informed us that Grandia HD Collection will be coming to Nintendo Switch “soon.” More details — likely including the release date — will be provided by GungHo at E3.

This collection includes the first two games in the series, which were developed by Game Arts. Grandia first released for Sega Saturn (in Japan) in 1997 and PlayStation in 1999. Grandia II first released for Dreamcast in 2000. GungHo reminds us of some of the classic features contained in this pair of RPGs:

  • Real-time, turn-based action – Experience and employ a unique action bar system for real-time fighting with distinct characters

  • Magic-based combat – Gather Mana Eggs to learn and use magic-based skills, ranging from elemental attacks to character-enhancing magic for defense and offense statistical boosts

  • Illustrious worlds to explore – The vibrant worlds in GRANDIA HD Collection include nostalgic starter cities such as Parm (GRANDIA) and Carbo Village (GRANDIA II) to iconic fields and areas such as The End of the World (GRANDIA) and Valmar’s Moon (GRANDIA II)

  • Gather Skill Points and ATTACK! – Skill Points or Skill Coins can be used to earn incredibly intense moves that make for an extraordinary fighting experience

  • Eclectic Enemy Encounters – The worlds of GRANDIA and GRANDIA II bring forth a plethora of challenging and epic enemies in the wild, as well as main storyline bosses

  • Ear-Indulging, Melodious Compositions – Experience world exploration, momentous battles, and legendary in-game experiences in beautiful harmony with musical compositions from acclaimed Japanese composer Noriyuki Iwadare

Honestly, although I played it after the fact, I wasn’t that impressed by the original Grandia. However, I thought Grandia II was really terrific, and I was most impressed by (of all things!) the NPC dialogue in the game. Every NPC has at least two, if not three, unique dialogues, and your party members always directly respond and have conversations. It must have been so much work to write and localize, but it made the world feel so much more alive!

We’ll be paying a visit to GungHo at their booth as part of our E3 coverage next week, so stay tuned! Regrettably, Ninjala will not be there.

Grandia HD Collection coming soon to Nintendo Switch

[Source: PR]

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