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Grandia HD Collection, a bundle of RPG classics Grandia and Grandia II, has been updated to version 1.01.00, which “introduces Japanese language support, improved frame rate optimization, enhanced visual effects throughout,” a wide variety of bug fixes, and other tweaks. Additionally, the collection has now released in Japan, and to commemorate the occasion, publisher GungHo has released a variety of messages from the creators of the games, including Game Arts staff and composer Noriyuki Iwadare. Below are all the video messages (with English!), and you can find additional written messages at the Grandia HD Collection website.

(Even though he doesn’t actually say much about Grandia HD Collection, it’s especially a treat for me to hear from composer Iwadare, as he composed the soundtracks for Game Arts’ Lunar, some of my all-time favorite RPGs!)

In our review of Grandia HD Collection upon its release, I thought it was a really enjoyable and competent collection in the first place, but others expressed more frustration with issues like slowdown than I did. With that in mind, this update may be the thing that sells many more copies of the game. If you’ve been holding out on purchasing HD Collection, maybe check in with somebody’s Twitch stream and see if the game is more to your liking now.

Are there any more games from GungHo and/or Game Arts you’d like to see on Nintendo Switch?

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