Twilight Princess grandma

According to, a standard playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess takes 34 hours to complete, while a “leisurely” run can take about 59 hours. For Reddit user millerischris’s grandmother, these estimates are slightly low. Over the course of a few years and with the help of a few guides, she was able to finally surpass the game’s most perplexing puzzles and its toughest bosses, culminating in her finally completing the game after a whopping 755-hour playthrough.

Twilight Princess grandma

One of many text screenshots between millerischris and his grandmother recapping her progress through the game

Alongside several text screenshots and even a short clip, Millerischris provided some details on his grandma’s triumph:

“My grandma isn’t a hardcore gamer, but she absolutely LOVES Zelda and took up the challenge to beat Twilight Princess. Even if there was a learning curve with the motion controls, that didn’t phase her. When she would visit for the holidays, I would help with the occasional challenge or two when she asked for it, but she did 99% of the work, including the final fight! On top of that, throughout her entire journey she would send me text updates on her progress. (link below!) I’m so incredibly proud of her.”

As the post gained traction on r/gaming, his grandmother even made a reddit account as u/GramieGreat in order to answer questions about her marathon playthrough and her love for Zelda. She discussed some challenges and confirmed her desire to play more Zelda. The top comment on the thread is her own, where she states:

“Had a couple of years when I didn’t touch this, but it was always there waiting for me. As for the “water temple” comment? I was NOT in the “water temple” most of the time. Never heard it called that before! Thanks for the laugh!!”

Gaming grandmas are always great to see. Whether its 4000 days of Wii Fit, plain excitement over a Nintendo Switch, or 755 hours of Twilight Princess, events like these are reminders that games really are for everyone. This case in particular amazes me, as I love the feeling of finishing a long RPG that took up 70, 80, maybe even 90 hours of my time. I cannot even begin to imagine the satisfaction this woman must have felt after 755 hours of Twilight Princess! I do have to wonder, though–what’s next? Skyward Sword? Breath of the Wild? Hero Mode?



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