granny cries tears of joy 80th birthday Switch gift

Most kids want a Nintendo Switch for their birthday if they don’t already have one. However, love of the Switch is not bound by age. One lady in a video clip recently turned 80 years old, and she burst into tears when she received a Nintendo Switch for her birthday. This gaming granny was left speechless for a solid 15 seconds before she finally said, “I always wanted one!”

Toward the end of the short clip, granny reveals she had planned to snatch up Switch around Christmas. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to wait that long anymore!

Pretty much everyone you can hear in the video is surprised and delighted at her reaction — much like granny’s reaction to the Switch itself. The one exception is the man sitting next to her — perhaps her husband — who seems to have no idea what the thing is. Maybe he’s wondering if he can watch Matlock on it. (Answer: He can, in YouTube clips. Lucky guy!)

Videos like this are your monthly reminder that you’re never too old to have fun or try something new, and that cool technology isn’t just for kids. Let your curiosity run wild and don’t be afraid of what other people think! Be like gaming granny. Embrace new things.

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John Friscia
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