Pokémon Sword and Shield are so close to launch, I can almost hear the garbled cries of various Pocket Monsters. While some are excited about the new features the pair of titles are introducing, others are worried about the quality of the games. How does developer Game Freak feel? Optimistic, to say the least: the director, Shigeru Ohmori, believes the company is setting out to make “the greatest Pokémon game.”

“Greatest” means there is a lot to live up to

Speaking with Game Informer, Ohmori dropped this tidbit:

We set out with the idea of making the ultimate, strongest, the best Pokémon game yet, being on Nintendo Switch, the first time an all-new generation is coming to a console. It was really just every facet of the game: gameplay, visuals, everything. That was really the theme for when I set out making the game: the greatest Pokémon game.

I admire Ohmori’s determination. Hopefully, Game Freak will deliver on these aspirations.

Ohmori also mentioned how Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee laid the groundwork for Sword and Shield‘s graphics. In addition, he spoke of Game Freak’s difficulty creating the new titles, saying: “Needing to staff up and figure out how we’re able to get that to work really well on Switch takes more time, and we needed more resources.” Whether these words will appease the rabid fanbase that wants the return of the National Dex remains to be seen.

Enthusiasts, do you believe Sword and Shield will be the greatest titles in the Pokémon series? Let us know your predictions in the comment field below!



Arthur Damian
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