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Leaks are very, very common in the video games industry, and fake leaks occur perhaps more frequently than real ones. All it takes is some bored 4Channer putting together a rather convincing photoshop or hitting the first in a sequence of completely random guesses. Other times, someone just has to Tweet something that seems logical or like what people want to hear at the right time–that seems to be the case with a recent viral Tweet alleging two Metroid series remakes on Switch coming in the near future. We all like to stay vigilant against these nefarious fake leaks, but sometimes, our wants get the best of us. Have you ever bitten on a fake leak?

Like many others, I was very, very hopeful that last year’s Grinch Leak would come to fruition. Based on some spoofed promotional materials, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak, named after Dr. Seuss’s green grouch thanks to a background appearance of some mysterious renders for his then-upcoming movie, looked to have inconspicuously revealed a whopping crop of seven fan-requested fighters to close out the game’s roster. These included Shadow the Hedgehog, Isaac from Golden Sun, and Banjo and Kazooie. I really, really wanted Banjo, and such a crazy, massive reveal of fan-requested characters seemed like the perfect way to round out the best fighting roster ever. Of course, the leak was a total fake, but we eventually did get Banjo, making all right in the world once more.

I could just swear off all leaks ever, but trying to ascertain what’s valid and what isn’t is part of the fun. Have you ever ended up fooled by a fake leak? Were you burned by the Grinch Leak like me, or was it something else that got you? Sound off in the comments.


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