Grip Clip

Have you had problems with your Joy-Con feeling too small for your hands? Matt Thompson had this same issue. He addressed it by creating the Grip Clip Joy-Con accessory, controller-like attachments that fit naturally on the Joy-Con. Matt is trying to mass-produce his product by launching a Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign page goes into extensive detail on the accessory, its inspirations, functions, and all of the trials and tribulations that went into its final design.

The Grip Clip accessory has been built so that it can remain attached to the Joy-Con even when the system is docked. For playing on a docked Switch, there is also a Grip Clip connector available. This is similar to the standard Joy-Con connector that comes with the system, but it creates what appears to be a much more ergonomic design.

On top of the Kickstarter page, Matt has also prepared a website for the product. Clearly, a lot of passion has gone into the Grip Clip already.

While this is not the first Joy-Con attachment of its nature, it does appear to be among the first of its kind to be dockable. Along with the connector, the Grip Clip has all of the potential to completely address all of the Joy-Con’s ergonomic deficiencies. However, while it seems like a cure-all, it will not do anything to fix your Joy-Con drift–you’ll have to reach out to Nintendo for that one.

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