Guard Duty point-and-click adventure launches today, here’s gameplay

guard duty point and click adventure Nintendo Switch available now

Guard Duty is an indie game for Nintendo Switch that just launched today, and it’s a point-and-click adventure that appears to be just as charming as Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. A gameplay video has appeared on YouTube that is almost 20 minutes long and shows off quite a big chunk of the game’s opening. If you want to avoid spoilers because you’re waiting to play the game, maybe pass on the video.

In Guard Duty, you take on the role of Tondbert, a loyal guard to the castle of Wrinklewood. As the game opens you meet him having a pretty good session, having had one too many at the ale house and carrying on the party alone as he sits at the portcullis on duty. Before you know it, he’s let a dodgy hooded figure into the castle, who subsequently kidnaps the princess. Things only get worse from there.

The game really is a call back to the point-and-click adventure games many of us played on PC when we were younger. Most characters and interactions are fully voiced, and the campaign spans two drastically different timelines. No doubt the game will have you scratching your head for days while you try to figure out the obscure solution to the next puzzle.


Jamie Sharp
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