With the Nintendo Switch having been out for almost three years, it’s a wonder that there are still so many new types of accessories and add-ons being made for the hybrid home console. But they are. Look no further than rising accessory manufacturer GuliKit for a slew of life-changing Switch tools.

The China-based hardware company hasn’t been around for very long. However, what they have so far is incredibly impressive. I toured their booth at E3 and got a look at some of the best products they’re bringing to the market.

GuliKit’s Bluetooth bonuses

First on the line-up is a game-changing Bluetooth accessory called the ROUTE AIR Bluetooth Audio USB Transmitter. There are two versions of this device, and both are oh-so discreet and incredibly helpful. You plug one into the USB-C charging port, and you can sync up your console with a variety of Bluetooth audio devices. Got a pair of Beats or a slick wireless gaming headset you’ve been dying to use with your Nintendo Switch? Just pop this in and you’re good to go.

One version sticks out slightly from the bottom of the console to house a USB-C port for simultaneous charging. If you want something that perfectly fits the silhouette of the console, though, there’s a centimeter-long version lacking a USB-C port that you can barely tell is plugged into the console when you use it.

Boost that battery

Next up, there’s a battery pack for the console for handheld mode use, with a pretty self-explanatory name. It’s the Detachable Back Mount Power Bank 10000 mAh for Switch. Rolls right off the tongue.

You might not be able to see it attached to the Switch at all in this photo, which is the brilliance of the device. It attaches to the back of the console with a discreet clasp that’s hardly visible from the front. It also blends perfectly with the plastic finish of the device on its back.

Being barely an inch thick, you can slap the battery pack onto your Switch and still easily pop it into your favorite carrying case. If you do need to remove the battery though, you can easily slide the power-pack off of the clasp without detaching the entire unit. Doing this is a smooth and satisfying motion. Additionally, you can use that battery pack with any other device thanks to its discreet USB-C cable.

There are a plethora of incredible devices in the GuliKit family. With their cheap price range, it’s hard to say no to picking any of them up if you’re a hardcore Switch gamer. GuliKit may not be a household name now, but if their output continues so strongly, that’s sure to change.

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