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Its golden goose Puzzle & Dragons aside, GungHo Online Entertainment still carries a somewhat niche status in the grand stratosphere of game developers. Nonetheless, it puts out some unique, quality titles, and you can grab a bunch of them on sale for the GungHo 2020 Autumn Sales on Nintendo, Humble Bundle, and Steam. Chiefly, on Nintendo Switch you can grab Grandia HD Collection for $27.99 and Volta-X for $9.99 as part of Nintendo Cyber Deals. Check out the full sales below:

Grandia HD Collection is a great collection of two excellent old-school RPGs. Volta-X, meanwhile, is one of the most unique games I’ve played in the past few years, an addicting one-on-one giant robot battle simulation, and it’s receiving a surprising and adorable cross-over with Yooka-Laylee. I’d heartily recommend both of these GungHo titles.

Will you be picking up anything from the GungHo 2020 Autumn Sales?

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