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Pokémon is a series that dares you to catch ’em all. It’s a sickness for which there is no cure. Once you start down the path, there is no going back. Due to this, trainers may be using Sword and Shield‘s Surprise Trade feature to obtain all the pocket monsters. However, hacked Pokémon are rampant, and they will break your game should you receive one.

Gamers using hacked Pokémon are ruining the joy of trading

Twitter user @Kaphotics, known for their datamining skills, issued a message via the social media platform urging caution when using Surprise Trade. Receiving any glitched Pokémon imported into one’s copy of Sword and Shield will cause a crash when the player tries to utilize the online component. Doing so will block any usage of online features and the only way around it is hoping for a patch.

Also, the game might crash right after receiving a borked Pokémon via trade. Thankfully, releasing the monster will fix any issues. Regardless of which misfortune you run into, your saved data should be fine.

Cheaters are bringing the community down just to have Pokémon not available in Sword and Shield. With this knowledge in mind, I believe it’s best to just avoid Surprise Trade altogether, for the time being.

Enthusiasts, have you experienced any crashes receiving hacked Pokémon from other trainers? Let us know your experiences down below.

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