HAL Laboratory is recruiting in bulk for a new Kirby game

I have shocking, unbelievable news for you: HAL Laboratory is planning to make a new Kirby game. I know, I know — it seemed impossible that they or Nintendo would ever want to create another installment in a highly lucrative franchise, but it is somehow happening. And according to Japanese Nintendo, the developer is looking to hire a bunch of new people to make it happen.

For the new Kirby, HAL Laboratory is recruiting an Action Programmer, UI Programmer, Graphics Programmer, 3D Artist, Motion Designer, Effect Designer, UI Designer, Level Designer, Planning Assistant, and Project Manager. The positions apparently begin over two-month trial periods that then renew every three months after and are based out of Yamanashi Prefecture. On the off-chance that you’re a game developer who can speak Japanese, you probably ought to check their website out.

The most recent Kirby game was Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, released back in March for Nintendo 3DS as a port of a Wii title. Prior to that, HAL Laboratory released Kirby Star Allies for Switch in 2018. But the pink puff’s adventures as a piece of Nintendo merchandise are, arguably, equally stimulating. Whether he’s dancing around adorably or consuming a human child’s head, Kirby is a compelling character.


John Friscia
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