The huge Gear N’ Goblins Halloween update for Torchlight III has finally gone live on Nintendo Switch. The content revolves around Halloween, which we realize, happened over two weeks ago now. However, the update had a delayed release schedule for the Switch version, which is unfortunate. Gear N’ Goblins contains a lot of useful content and fixes that aren’t exclusive to Halloween though, and it’s all been detailed by developer Echtra Games.

Eight new legendary items make their way to Torchlight III in this update, with two of them being weapons. The Lightning Baller and Sword of the Lost Legion are said weapons, which are now part of the Ancient Ember gear set. Elsewhere, some more new content revolves around the Halloween festivities, even if it’s a little late for that.

Three more pet variations arrive with Gear N’ Goblins as well. There’s the Midnight Cat, Spooky Retriever, and Dragonling Spirit, and some of them look suitably spooky. To find these Halloween pets, you’ll have to rescue them from pet cages while exploring the frontier. The not-so-spooky retriever is our favorite. He’s trying his best, okay?

Torchlight III Halloween update

The other major bits of Halloween content coming in this Torchlight III update are scary fort decorations. Six options have been added and can be found in the game’s existing contracts. There are a few other seasonal items too, like two new affixes and the Respectacles consumable, available at the town’s potion vendors.

The Gear N’ Goblins update is now live on Switch. A host of other changes and bug fixes have also arrived with the update.

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