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Look, we know Halo Infinite ain’t coming to Switch. Or any Nintendo system for that matter. But what if somehow, somewhere, Halo Infinite existed as a Nintendo 64 classic? 3D artist David, known as Hoolopee online, decided to recreate last month’s Halo Infinite reveal as it would play out on Nintendo 64. That means blocky graphics, warped textures, and compressed sound effects, and we’re here for it.

The YouTube video plays out as Infinite’s reveal did to a T. Except this time, we’re not looking at PC or Xbox Series X presentation; we’re back in the late ’90s. The trailer has been expertly put together, as it follows pretty much the exact same beats as the recent reveal video. Panning the camera around to look towards a blurry Halo ring in the distance, or turning to fight a pixelated grunt with the Halo assault rifle. It’s all here, and it’s all suitably blocky.

Seeing clips like this makes us yearn for another Nintendo FPS. Sure, visuals and effects may have moved on since the Nintendo 64, but it reminds us of what used to grace Nintendo systems. Retro Studios, how is development going with Metroid Prime 4? We’re absolutely ready for it, if not this Halo Infinite Nintendo 64 demake.


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