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Publisher tinyBuild and developer Scythe Dev Team have announced that first-person horror adventure cooking sim Happy Humble’s Burger Farm will launch on December 3, 2021 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam, and it will come to Nintendo Switch in early 2022. The premise is that you are the newly hired night shift manager at Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, where you grill burgers, fry “nuggies,” and bake cookies, just business as usual — except lights and doors seem to have minds of their own, the mascot Barnyard Buds are moving by themselves, and your life is in serious danger. Oh.

The game is actually a psychological thriller with ’90s-inspired graphics, but it’s heavy on immersion with more than two hours of talk radio, more than 60 TV programs, and an interactive jukebox containing 14 albums of music, nine of which are native to this game. Here’s how Happy’s Humble Burger Farm will actually play out on Switch:

Block unsettling occurrences out of mind by fulfilling orders and managing the entire restaurant. Complete the daily duties from the board, get rid of live rats, unclog toilets, put out literal fires, and beware of the demon-like figures trying to mess with your shift. Above all else, stay away from Happy the Humble Heifer–commit enough infractions and the merry cow becomes an evil beast ready to tear you apart.
Keep your distance from Happy exploring the streets and storefronts of grand ol’ New Elysian City to uncover the secrets of the Happy’s Humble Burger Farm franchise, Obscura Biotech, Paragon, and your very existence. Collect tapes and research pages scattered around town to piece together the mystery behind your memory loss. The city’s buildings hold more than just cardboard figures, and the gargantuan Petey the Portly Pig blowing up explosive Poppin’ Pork sandwiches is just the beginning of a never-ending series of nightmares… And you’re stuck on repeat.

Ultimately, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm definitely sounds like it’s chasing some of that Five Nights at Freddy’s demographic on Switch and other platforms, and that’s not a bad thing. TinyBuild already knows a thing about horror with games like Hello Neighbor and Secret Neighbor, in any case. Hopefully this title lives up to spooky expectations.

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