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Joy-Con drift is perhaps one of the most notorious defects of the Switch system. Many people have experienced it – myself included. It’s annoying and can temporarily knock your Switch out of commission. Nintendo, however, allegedly does not believe that it’s all that big of a deal, per a recent email sent by the firm attempting to carry out a class-action lawsuit against the popular game company. According to the email, Nintendo has argued that Joy-Con drift is “not a real problem” and that it hasn’t “caused anyone any inconvenience.” Do you agree?

I think it’s a huge issue. I’ve accumulated eight Joy-Con over the years (in the pre-pandemic days, I was a big local multiplayer guy), and six of them have drifted at some point. Most of them work okay now, but it’s still incredibly annoying to have to set down a controller in the heat of a match because it can’t function correctly. Some might even call that an inconvenience, but what do I know?

Have you experienced issues with Joy-Con drift? Were you able to fix it yourself, or did you have to send your Joy-Con over to Nintendo? How do you feel about the company’s alleged arguments? Let us know in the comments below.


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