Haven Park release date August 5, 2021 Nintendo Switch PC Steam Fabien Weibel Mooneye Indies itch.io

Mooneye Studios, the developer of Lost Ember, has announced a new publishing label called Mooneye Indies to “bring visibility to wholesome games that otherwise would fly under the radar.” Along those lines, Mooneye Indies will publish park management adventure Haven Park on Nintendo Switch and PC with a release date of Aug. 5, 2021. The game comes from solo developer Fabien Weibel, and it will be available on Switch, Steam, and itch.io storefronts.

As you can see in its official trailer, Haven Park is charming and attractive with its crisp, low-poly style, and coincidentally or not, there is a slight Animal Crossing vibe to the visuals too. The game aims to be a “wholesome escape into a whimsical and friendly world,” and you play as Flint, who is trying to maintain a park for his grandma and make it an enticing place to visit. There will be “whimsical conversations and quests” as you learn campers’ desires and try your best to satisfy them.

If you’re a little tired of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and would like a slight change of pace, Haven Park from Fabien Weibel and Mooneye Indies could be just the thing when it comes to Nintendo Switch and PC this August.

In quasi-related news, we also learned today that Haven Park shares an August release date in common with NIS Classics Vol. 1.

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