Hayley Atwell Tomb Raider

Perhaps best known as Agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actress Hayley Atwell has signed on to voice archaeologist Lara Croft in Netflix’s upcoming Tomb Raider anime series. Announced this past January, the Tomb Raider anime series will take place after the reboot trilogy, which ended with Eidos-Montréal’s 2018 hit, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Little is still known about this production, though it’s being written by The Witcher: Blood Origin‘s Tasha Huo.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of the loop on Marvel stuff for a while, but when I thought of possible candidates for Lara back when the series was first announced, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that Atwell slipped my mind. But now that she’s been cast, I can’t help but think that she’s a fantastic choice for the role. She’s been great in everything I’ve seen of hers, and I have a lot of confidence that she’ll bring that same talent to this performance as well.

In addition to Tomb Raider, Atwell has recently lent her voice to another animated series, reprising her role as Agent Carter in Disney’s What If…? She’s also set to play a big role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, which is currently set for a 2022 release.

What do you think of this casting choice? Do you think Hayley Atwell is a good fit for Lara Croft, or would you rather have someone else in the role? Be sure to let us know what you think!

Steven Rollins
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