HBO Now featuring Wii U controller for some reason

In the land of graphic design, you poach whatever you can to get your point across legally. If there’s a nice generic image that nobody can trace back to a source, or if there’s a freely available Wikipedia image, you snatch it up. So whoever does graphic design for HBO made a pretty special choice on their home page: They decided to advertise the HBO Now streaming service… with a Wii U Pro Controller.

HBO Now Wii U pro controller

Granted, the Nintendo branding is scrubbed from the controller for legal purposes. But any Nintendo gamer will recognize it. (We hope so, at least. God, Wii U was unappreciated.) However, aside from the fact that Wii U is buried and forgotten, you also cannot use HBO Now on it.

HBO is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, among other devices. So it would have made sense to snatch and scrub the branding off of one of their controllers. But it seems the graphic designer was either ignorant of this or just really loved Wii U, because it looks like they used this Wii U Pro Controller promotional image from Amazon. Frankly, I hope it’s the latter case. Can you imagine there’s a person at HBO so passionate about Wii U that they want to make sure it stands side by side with Big Little Lies? Nicely done!

Anyway, guys, if you’re thinking about getting HBO and/or HBO Now, be warned that it won’t work on Wii U. I know, I know, I’ve just ruined your day with that info. I’m sorry. But please spread this important information around, because knowing is half the battle.


John Friscia
Proofs Editor for Enthusiast Gaming. I'm a writer who loves Super Nintendo and Japanese role-playing games to an impractical degree. I have recently returned from living in South Korea.

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