Mario Kart 8 advertisements spotted before the start of Godzilla screenings

A number of users on the Internet have reported seeing those same Mario Kart 8 \’Test\’ commercials during the screening of the new Godzilla movie.

Godzilla is currently topping the box office at $93.2M, which means Mario Kart 8 currently getting tons of exposure to the millions of consumers out there who do not yet have or even know what a Wii U is.

Every advertisement is not going to be of Nintendo’s first HD kart racer however, as some users have reported getting promotion sequences for Respawn Entertainment’s Xbox One game \’Titanfall\’.

It’s great to see Nintendo giving its games the spotlight they deserve. In fact, you can expect to see promotional activity like this for Mario Kart 8 to sustain for the entire year.

Pre-order Mario Kart 8 now at leading retailers such as Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, or even Dell so you can own it when it releases on May 30.

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