Heaven Dust 2 release date January 6, 2022 Nintendo Switch PC Beijing China indienova One Gruel Studio

Beijing-based publisher indienova and developer One Gruel Studio have announced a January 6, 2022 release date for Heaven Dust 2 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. It describes itself as a “classic horror game” with exploration, action, puzzles, and resource management, which sounds great. However, all of the characters are kind of… cute? They’re not quite chibi-proportioned, but everyone does have large, youthful heads. I sincerely thought the hero was a young boy with guns at first (which would be weirdly funny but also extremely problematic).

Nonetheless, Heaven Dust 2 will see Switch and PC players waking up from a cryogenic pod in a research base and having to escape a zombie death trap, which sounds pretty horror-like. It uses a top-down, somewhat Zombies Ate My Neighbors-ish perspective though, as opposed to a classic Resident Evil setup, and it is a sequel to a game that launched in February 2020. Here are all the features indienova is hyping up about Heaven Dust 2 ahead of its release date early next year:

  • Enhanced production value: Better graphics and effects, providing a brand new experience for players of the first game. Twice the content of the first game, prepare to embark on a 10-hour journey!
  • Collect and combine, use various items to solve puzzles. Upgrade your inventory. Weapons no longer occupy space.
  • Evolved combat system: Fight your way out with a dagger, submachine gun, shotgun, and grenades. Modify your weapons, upgrade them to the limit. Choose your weapon to counter different enemies, plan your strategy, seek their weak points, and destroy their defenses.
  • Except for ordinary zombies, all kinds of mutated monsters had joined the battle too: Heavily armored Bone Fiend, regenerating Blood Fiend, approaching boomlad. And, of course, epic boss fights.
  • Engaging plot, fun brain teasers. Players need to make an ultimate choice: Two escape routes will lead you to two different endings.
  • Casual, Normal, and Expert difficulties

Heaven Dust 2 release date January 6, 2022 Nintendo Switch PC Beijing China indienova One Gruel Studio

There’s a recent trailer to go along with the Heaven Dust 2 Switch / PC release date. Check it out and decide if its surprisingly in-your-face action is up your alley.

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