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Hellboy creator’s Pokémon sketches are slightly darker than you’d think

Mike Mignola Hellboy creator's Pokémon sketches

Mike Mignola is probably best-known for being the person to imagine the Hellboy universe. While you’d expect darkness and nightmare fuel from anything related to that IP, the Hellboy creator’s Pokémon sketches seem to bear the same darkness. Having been asked to draw some Pokémon by his daughter, Mignola took to Instagram to share his drawings. What follows could change the way you look at Bulbasaur, Weezing, Slowbro, Omastar, and Scyther.

In fairness, Bulbasaur looks quite normal. It does have the look of an orphaned child that doesn’t quite understand where its parents have gone, but it’s still relatively normal.

Here is where you can see Mignola’s style pouring into the sketches. Both Slowbro and Weezing look like they’re under the control of Mewtwo or something else powerful. Slowbro has always looked a little bit scary, but those dead eyes on both its face and the shell on the tail are haunting.

This pair is out to kill you, no question about it. If I ever saw a Scyther looking like this in the wild, I would turn and run. Omastar looks more like a mindless brain-sucking alien than anything else.

The Hellboy creator’s Pokémon sketches look like they’d make for a fantastic spin-off Pokémon movie, or maybe a new darker game in the mainline series.


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