Hero.exe is a mix of tactical-action RPG, collectible card game, and visual novel, inspired by the likes of Mega Man Battle Network. The game, which is coming from developer Mystery Egg Games and publisher Top Hat Studios, appeared on Kickstarter last week and was funded almost immediately. It is now planned to release on Switch and other platforms in Q1 2024.

Here’s the official Kickstarter launch trailer for Hero.exe, courtesy of Top Hat Studios.

Additionally, here is a bit of background on the game’s world and premise:

In another world, The Grid was created in much the same way our own Internet was: with elbow grease and a dream. However, their world turned out very different from ours. Instead of websites, they built oceans. Instead of vlogs, they built cities– and soon A.V.A.s came into being. A.V.A.s are all partnered with pilots in the real world. Shopping, socializing, and browsing the grid are some of the many everyday essentials done through A.V.A.s.

However, one day upon logging in, you realise something’s not quite right on The Grid; soon enough, an A.V.A. you’ve never seen before materialises before you, and changes your destiny with just a handful of words:

“I need you to pilot me”.

Connect to the internet of another world, choose your A.V.A., and go on an adventure to change both of our worlds! Each A.V.A. is a living being that will act and respond to your actions. Each of them have their own personalities and goals, their own histories, stories, and relationships, and all of these have an effect on your play-through. Get ready to take on whatever the Grid has to throw at you, together!

With approximately a bajillion (okay, three) years to go before release, we’ve got plenty of time before Hero.exe lands on Switch – who knows if we will even still be playing on Switches when that time comes. What do you think of what we have seen so far? Are you sold by the trailer? Do you plan on donating to the Kickstarter? Are you thoroughly uninterested? Let us know in the comment section below.

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