Kickstarter has been pumping out a stream of Wii U upcoming games lately, and now we can add another to the list: Heroes Never Lose. Heroes Never Lose is an interesting take on puzzle games such as Dr. Mario, Puzzle Fighter, and more, but adds unique twists. There are individual characters you chose from that have special moves, HD graphics, and online multiplayer which will lead to some really fun moments while playing this game.

Heroes Never Lose has met their Kickstarter goal of 10K CAD, and still has 7 days left in their funding. There are a bunch of great reward tiers still available to choose from as well, so be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here. Also, enjoy their highly entertaining Kickstarter introduction video below, and let us know if Heroes Never Lose is a game that you are looking forward to playing on your Wii U.

Shawn Long
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