Hex Heroes has the attention of many Wii U owners with their Kickstarter campaign, and we are now within the final 24 hours of funding. Prismatic Games is hoping to bring this game to Wii U, PC, Linux, and Mac, but the Wii U version will be considered the definitive version by offering  a party RTS for all ages. The gameplay will feature 4 players on the TV that team up with 1 on the GamePad to build, fight, strategize & win.

Prismatic Games needs $80,000 to make this dream into a game, and they are very close  to achieving this. At the time of this writing, there are 19 hours left, and only roughly $3,000 left to be funded. So what can you do? Well besides the obvious making a donation to the project to receive a reward, you can also help by sharing this story and creating awareness of the game. Be sure to visit their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here and check out the trailer below to see if this game attracts you.


Shawn Long
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