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Last month, Hi-Rez Studios detailed what was to come in its annual showcase event. Of course, being 2021, it was a digital event, and it centered on a huge Smite tournament with a $600,000 prize pool. However, there was also a substantial keynote, detailing what’s to come this year for its roster of free-to-play titles.

First up, Paladins. The developer is speeding up content drops in 2021, delivering them every two months rather than the three-month schedule for 2020. The year’s first update, Season 4: Calamity, arrives next month, but the latest battle pass released prior to yesterday’s showcase. The Switch version of Paladins is a really solid port and is still looks worth a shot in 2021, given the regularity of updates.

Smite is into its eighth season, launching way back in 2014 on PC. The Switch launch came almost five years later, and the game isn’t slowing down yet either. Season 8: Dawn of Babylon will see the game’s first new Conquest map in three years, alongside several battle passes, collaborations, and new gods to play around with.

Finally, Rogue Company is the studio’s latest release, and it’s gotten off to a speedy start. The third-person shooter is already at over 15 million players worldwide, and 2021 will deliver four seasons of content. The keynote showcased the new Wingman mode, which delivers 2v2 action on smaller maps. Hi-Rez says each season will deliver new Rogues like Kestrel, maps like Hollows, events, and more throughout 2021.

If you want to check out the full details of the keynote below.

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