Hidden Through Time launches for Nintendo Switch this March

hidden through time

The developers at Crazy Monkey Studios have announced the release date for Hidden Through Time on Nintendo Switch. The game will hit the Switch and all other platforms on Mar. 12, just under one month from now. They announced the release date with a new gameplay trailer, which also shows just what players will do in this time-twisting puzzle game.

Where and when?

In Hidden Through Time, players will search for various people and objects within Where’s Wally/Waldo-inspired levels. Each map combines elements from various periods in human history. Within those maps lie objectives, items, or people that you must find using various clues. Players can look inside buildings and behind any obstructions, but the key to many items is searching for where they might be hidden in plain sight, like a lump of mud on a cart.

As if a plethora of levels for players to work through wasn’t enough, Hidden Through Time goes one step further. Gamers will have the power to build their own maps, including people and animals with set paths to follow, and set objectives for other players to find. They can even create clues that other players need to follow if they need help. What starts out as a fairly simple concept quickly becomes a daunting task when you load up a level obviously designed by a master hide-and-seeker.

The game stands a good chance of becoming a hit, even with a release date so close to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With enough people solving puzzles and creating levels, gamers could lose endless hours to Hidden Through Time. Crazy Monkey Studios have described how players can work their way through user-created levels from around the world, indicating that levels are probably available regardless of the platform you’re playing on.


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