Super Mario Maker 2 High Score

Back in the olden days of yore, gaming had many features that have since been left in the past. For the most part, having an on-screen score was a hallmark of arcade-style games. In fact, the presence of high scores has generally been present in modern games that are throwbacks to the classics. And what better throwback is there than Super Mario Maker 2, the most entertaining video game creation suite released?

Enter Ceave

Popular YouTuber Ceave is known for making wacky contraptions in Mario Maker. His channel is full of videos about testing the limits of Mario games, and two weeks ago he set out to find the highest score possible in Mario Maker 2. He was able to get a whopping 788,086,500 in the first video, but that far from maxes out the score counter. The internet was on the case.

Ten days later, Ceave came back with another video – this time with new tricks crowdsourced from the type of gamer who wants to watch the world burn. See below for the ultimate high score in Super Mario Maker 2.

This score only took 468 in-game seconds (several hours in real-world time), and will surely open up a whole new category for speedrunning in Mario Maker 2.

He got this high score by optimizing placement of Munchers and King Bowser, measuring out separate areas of effect, rapid reloading, and utilizing something Ceave calls “entangled POW blocks.” Using all these in tandem, a score of 999,999,990 – a maxed out counter – is possible within the restrictions of Super Mario Maker 2.

As someone who hasn’t even opened up the Stage Builder yet, this is simultaneously impressive and terrifying.

Are you a fan of Mario Maker tinkerers? Do your stages feature entangled POW blocks? How many Koopas could a Kuribo’s shoe kick if a Kuribo’s shoe could kick Koopas? Let us know in the comments below!

Dominick Ashtear


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