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Hilton Garden Inn returns Switch to owner with cute Animal Crossing note

Hilton Garden Inn returns Nintendo Switch to owner with cute Animal Crossing note update Ashli

Last week we reported on a lost Nintendo Switch being returned to its owner by the Taiwanese police thanks to their using the Animal Crossing: New Horizons mail system to relay a message. Now, there is another charming story of a Switch returning to its owner. In this case, it happened to one Skylar Challand with a Hilton Garden Inn in Maine.

Challand was traveling from New York City to Nova Scotia. According to Google Maps this journey takes roughly 14 hours, though I imagine it’s more with traffic and the exact locations at both ends. Challand understandably stopped about halfway at the Hilton Garden Inn. However, upon leaving, he accidentally left behind the Nintendo Switch, along with some other items.

Challand later called the hotel to explain the situation, and they shipped everything back. When the Switch arrived safe and sound, it was accompanied by a short letter, though this time it wasn’t via the in-game mailing system.

The Hilton Garden Inn staff member who found Challand’s Switch, Ashli, was evidently an Animal Crossing fan. As you can see, Ashli not only updated the game, but also drew two impressive pictures, one of Isabelle and one of a palm tree on a small island.

Obviously everyone can be kind, not just Nintendo fans. However, this is the second story that we’ve reported on that shows just how kind Nintendo fans are. Hopefully we can all keep this up and brighten someone’s day in some small way like Ashli did in the future.

Jamie Sharp
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