Hitman 3 - Cloud Version Nintendo Switch 4K gameplay trailer IO Interactive

Danish developer IO Interactive has shown off a little more of its upcoming Hitman title. If you missed it, the latest entry in the Hitman series is coming to Nintendo Switch as Hitman 3 – Cloud Version. While it’s a little disappointing to not get a native port, this version of Hitman 3 will (we hope) offer much higher fidelity, and a new 4K gameplay trailer shows some of the third game’s levels off.

There are isolated English manors, soaring skyscrapers, and neon-soaked city streets to contend with as Agent 47. They all look pretty distinct, and we hope the objectives featured within are varied too. This series follows Agent 47, an assassin whose objective is usually to take out corrupt rich people. As the series has progressed, levels have developed into sandbox-like open maps. This provides opportunity for player experimentation, and it looks like that will continue with Hitman 3, per the 4K gameplay.

As for the Switch version specifically, we don’t have many concrete details just yet. While the core PC and console release drops next month, the Switch version doesn’t have a confirmed release date right now. We shouldn’t have to wait too long though, due to the nature of the cloud-streamed version. Hitman 3 won’t require a technical port on Switch; rather, the game will be streamed from a server somewhere. (4K resolution is not expected to be part of the experience on Switch though, not right now anyway.)

Hitman 3 – Cloud Version will launch on Nintendo Switch at some point next year, and it will release on other platforms on Jan. 20, 2021.

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